People Data Tool (PDT) is a FREE and intuitive online platform which is capable of building data collection tools such as survey, psychological tests, performance ratings, and leadership assessment. PDT is also a revolutionary online collaborative research platform. It can help social science researchers tap big data and greatly enhance reliability and robustness of studies. PDT allows a researcher to build a research data collection instrument (e.g., survey or assessment) and then share it with many other researchers so that those researchers can independently administer the instrument to collect data and conduct parallel studies. Together, those parallel studies can produce a large (even very large) dataset and lead to highly robust and reliable research findings.

While PDT was originally designed to handle survey and assessment, it has become a powerful content management system which is capble of creating other types of contents such as blog, news, and gallery. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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"People Data Tool is really a user-friendly but very powerful survey and assessment system."

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