People Data Tool (PDT) is a FREE and intuitive online platform which is capable of building data collection tools such as survey, psychological tests, performance ratings, and leadership assessment.

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Password protection

  • Demo - No protection.
  • Demo - Protection with a couple of common passwords.
  • Demo - Protection with unique password assigned to each participant.
  • Demo - Protection with unique pair of username and password assigned to each participant.

Advanced features

  • Demo - A tool can be shared with multiple researchers to conduct parallel studies. For example, both John Doe and Jane Smith are administering a survey independently.
  • Demo - Skip or jump to a different question or page.
  • Demo - Multi-dimension measurement such as big-five personality.
  • Demo - Reporting results with chart and table.

PDT is more ...

  • While PDT was originally designed to handle survey and assessment, it has become a powerful content management system which is capble of creating other types of contents.

What is PDT?

People Data Tool (PDT) is a software designed with capability of building highly dynamic and complex survey and assessment for psychological and social researchers.


Why PDT?

It's hard to find a free online software that allows psychologists to create very complex online survey and assessment (e.g., personality tests). PDT is created to fill in this gap.


Big Data

PDT allows sharing an online instrument with others; many researchers can independently collect data and conduct paralell studies and collectively achieve big data.

"People Data Tool is really a user-friendly and very powerful survey and assessment system."

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